9/12/10                                Academic Goals


   High school is definitely one of the greatest times of a persons  life. It’s full of good experiences, and academic benefits, but you only get these benefits if you have goals. Sometimes these goals can be like taking AP courses, or playing on a sports team, or even being a member of a club. Whatever the extra curricular is, it can help you succeed through school. That’s why I’m choosing to take some AP courses, mostly in subjects that I excel in, like French, Geometry, History, and English. I also like to play volleyball, snowboard, and run track for the school; because they’re fun sports and they look very good on a high school transcript. After high school, I definitely want to pursue a college education, mostly because it makes it easier to find a good job. Some universities, that I’ve considered for my collegiate education are, “The University of Michigan”, “Purdue”, and “Stanford University.” I’ve considered these colleges, mostly because they have very good academic programs.    



                               Career Goals

   Deciding what to do for you career is difficult, everyone wants to pick the right one, including me. I’m actually still not sure what kind of career field I want to pursue in the future, but I have a couple of ideas. I am interested in math so I think that it would be interesting to be a Theoretical Mathematics professor. I would also enjoy practicing some type of advanced physics, because I also think physics are interesting. I’m currently taking an AP math course, and I think its pretty cool too, that’s why I think I might like to be a math professor. I don’t think that I’ll be staying in Michigan to pursue any of these careers, unless I get offered a job in Michigan, because there are a lot of job opportunities elsewhere. I think the most important elements of these careers are that they have reasonable hours, and that I actually enjoy that career.

*http://www.umich.edu/-The University of Michigan

*http://www.purdue.edu/-Purdue University

*http://www.stanford.edu/-Stanford University